Study Plan Guide

study planner guide

How to use:

study planner step by step guide

  1. Write the date, your top priority study goal for the week and something fun non-study related to look forward to!
  2. Make a list of all your topics, subjects or modules to study and highlight them in different colours.
  3. Decide how many hours you'd like to spend on each area of study depending on your workload 
  4. Total up all the your hours to calculate your total goal study hours for the week
  5. Use the same colour to spread out your revision across the week, ensuring you're adding in the hours you intended to complete. You can also add in fixed commitments such as lessons and other activities you're doing in the week to ensure you've scheduled your revision for hours you're available. You can also write extra details here by writing what you'd like to specifically study here if you'd like to plan in more detail. 
  6. After you complete an hour of studying, tick the box for your hour.
  7. At the end of the week count your number of ticks to evaluate how on-target you were throughout the week.