Eco Policy

Whether we’re taking notes or printing off documents, it’s very easy not to think of the environmental repercussions of our everyday use of paper. With traditional methods of paper production requiring freshly cut trees to be pulped, there are far-reaching impacts that are too easily ignored, from the loss of animal habitat to the release of greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide into the Earth’s atmosphere.

This is why our leading vision with ItsPaperDaisy is to prioritise the environment, keeping all our products as eco-friendly as possible throughout our production, printing, packaging processes. 


All our paper products are made from 100% recycled paper or FSC certified paper. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an environmental organisation that ensures the protection of our world’s forests and their inhabitants. FSC paper is all sourced from well-managed forests, meaning that it’s eco-friendly and sustainable. The recycled paper we use is of a premium quality, ensuring a thick luxurious feel to the paper.


The inks used on our paper products are non-toxic and vegetable-based. This type of ink not only allows vibrant colouring in our products, but is also renewable and sustainable than petroleum-based ink that is usually used.

When recycling paper, all paper goes through a de-inking process to remove ink from the paper. It is much easier and quicker to remove vegetable ink than standard petroleum-based ink. In fact, some petroleum-based ink cannot be recycled, meaning lots of the paper it’s printed on goes to waste.

Because vegetable ink is easy to recycle, there is less energy required to recycle the paper. This means it will leave less of an impact on the environment.


Our pencils are made of FSC certified wood and sourced from sustainably managed forests. Managing forests sustainably means optimising their benefits, including timber and contributions to food security, to meet society’s needs in a way that conserves and maintains forest ecosystems for the benefit of present and future generations.


All our packaging is recyclable and paper-based. We use recycled acid-free tissue paper as an alternative to plastic packaging.