Pomodoro Tracker Guide

The Pomodoro technique involves working on cycles of productivity followed by a short break. 

1 Pomodoro = 25 minutes of focussed work + a 5 minute break

After 4 cycles: take a longer 20-30 minute break

This timing is a mere guide and can be adjusted based on your own preferences. For example, you may be the type of person who works better by focussing for longer periods of time, so you may want to extend your pomodoro cycles to a 50 minute work session + 10 minute break.

How to use the tracker:

Pomodoro tracker planner - guide to use

  1. Make a list your significant tasks e.g. complete reading for chapter 1 
  2. Estimate how long the task will take you and write down the number of cycles this correlates to. If you estimate your task will take 2 hours, you'd write that it will take 4 pomos.
  3. Decide which task from your list you'd like to begin with and write that number in the first box.
  4. Break down the task into smaller stages to make it more manageable and allow your sessions to be more focussed e.g. read through chapter, make notes, write summary page
  5. Begin your 25 minutes of focussed work and set a timer. Once the timer rings, take a 5 minute break and tick a circle on your notepad.
  6. After 4 cycles take a longer break and tick off the darker shaded circle
  7. Repeat until your task is completed then tick it off your original list.