Disease Summary Guide


Section Breakdown

Signs and Symptoms: Symptoms refer to the changes a patient notices and complains about, signs refer to what you would notice about a patient or pick up on examination. You can write separate lists for these, combine them (for a particular condition) for even make a small mind map in the space.

Red flags: write any symptoms that a patient could mention that would indicate serious pathology, complication or progression of condition. These would be symptoms/signs you'd potentially want to rule out if you were taking a history from this patient.

Risk factors: what increases the chance of a patient developing this condition? Or what causes the condition?

Investigations: have been separated into bedside, bloods, imaging special tests. Write the test that would be done and where appropriate you can write the findings in that particular condition or what this particular test would be used to rule out. The headings have been made flexible, without vertical lines separating them so you can use them for tests that they are relevant for and leave them blank when not needed.

Management: how would this condition be managed and treated? You can draw a flow chart or make a list - the blank space allows flexibility.